About Duplicate 3D

Where to start, if you want to get an object on the computer in 3D!

Have a 3D scan made and adjusted. It has now become accessible with the 3D Scan and Design Service from Duplicate 3D.

From the city center of Amsterdam, your precious objects and things are digitized down to the last detail. Once a 3D model, Duplicate 3D can deform and edit it for you.


Bring your ideas to the next step!

Duplicate 3D thinks it is important that your creativity comes through to a successful end result. Therefore, it is possible to work side by side with me to edit your digital replica in 3D.

A digitized object provides space for many possibilities.

A 3D model of Duplicate 3D can be used for the following applications:

  • Digital archiving, for example art pieces.
  • Use in online presentation on a website.
  • 3D Rendering, in animation or video editing.
  • 3D Printing in plastic, metal or other materials.


3D Printing completes the circle.

Make your design tangible again with 3D printing. Using 3D print technology, an (edited) 3D scan can become something tou can holdon again. Duplicate 3D also help you with that.

View the 3D Service page for more information about 3D scanning of objects.

 Gefotografeerd door:   Rob Bölte

Gefotografeerd door:

Rob Bölte

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About Me

My name is Sander Mettes. 3D scan specialist, 3D designer and founder of Duplicate 3D.

Everything that has to do with technology is fascinating to me. I photography, am fond of film, music and film music and actually everything in between.

Oh, Did I mention that I find 3D designing super awesome?

For more than 10 years I have been designing 3D models with passion. I started making visual effects for film and commercials.

After that I had my own 3D printer at my disposal. I started to focus on making 3D models suitable for 3D printing. Many of those models I have shared with the world on Thingiverse en Shapeways.

3D scanning has gradually been added. The combination of something to be 3D scanned, edited and than be 3D printed with a 3D printer is a process that is inspiring and offers endless possibilities.

For better pressure on my 3D work you can go to the Gallery page.